My path

Hi, I'm Xiao, I'm supporting people in their overall health and wellbeing. My mission is to empower you. I guide you and help you to live with more awareness and vitality. I'm teaching different types yoga, as well as meditation and pranayama.

Nutrition, arts, mantras, nourrish the human heart as well as the Earth.

At the age of 5, I started gymnastics, I competited and then became a gymnastics instructor. I understood that movement plays a crucial role in physical and mental health.

My vision of the world is broadened thanks to travels and personal research. I am bringing a spiritual approach to life.

Yoga helps me to be grounded and listen to my inner guide. Yoga has the power to embark you to your Self-discovery.

Raising vitality and consciousness help people to better live in harmony with the Nature. Yoga is a science that connects us to our true essence

I taught Yoga in Australia, Cambodia and since last year in France. I was a teacher in Paris, and now I work in Hossegor . Like my personal history, I aim to unify Western and Eastern cultures.

Lifelong learning

Holistic health is at the core of my life. I studied yoga intensively in France and around the globe. I consider humans from an integrative view. Fascinated about human nature, I was a dedicated student beyond Yoga.

I studied Genetics, Nutrition and Health at Cambridge University and La Sorbonne Paris. Moreover, I include the meridians from the traditional chinese medicine (TCM) to Yoga. I share techniques to heal and an energetics touch.

Passionate about the inner wellbeing, I naturally dived into philosphy. Self-study is a continuous part of my sadhana (spiritual practice).


I wish to continue to more involved in Education. I taught yoga to children in Indonesia and Cambodia. So I will continue to bring knowledge, health and tools for serenity to our children , because children are the future.

The future is starting now.


Come and practice. To book your session, write me a message now.


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