Yoga makes us realize who we are.

Experience. If you want to understand what Yoga is, you need to live it. Yoga allows us to be grounded. We tune with our heart and unveil our true Nature.Yoga is an art of living.

Wellbeing. The practice is a journey towards awareness and serenity. The teachings give us an abondance of joy, love and kindness for life. Yoga improves the health profoundly at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. I share with you techniques and philosophy to apply yoga in all aspects of life.

Yoga is for all. There is no age limit. No body shape, no sex or any prerequisite to fill in before. Pregnant women can practice, the teachings will be adapted to you and baby. Enquiry if you have any questions.

I honor the ancient wisdom whilst understanding our place in this contemporary time. My teaching is inspired from brilliant souls from different eras and cultures, where East meets West.

I teach 3 types of yoga Yin, Nidra and Vinyasa. Choose the style which suits you the most for a given moment.

For private sessions, we can define your needs together. Contact me for more information.

Yoga Teachings


Relaxing practice. Perfect to balance a hectic life and yang activities . Improve flexibility in stillness. Recharge physically and emotionally.

Based on the meridians and the elements according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga, the energy (Chi) flow is increased. It releases tensions deeply.

Yoga Teachings


Full relaxation at the physical, mind, emotions, and spirit levels. Yoga Nidra is also called yogic sleep. As taught by S. Satyananda Saraswati, the guided visualisations allow you to relax deeply. Receive a profound rest to connect to your heart and spirit. Lie down in stillness and welcome this inner journey with awareness.

Yoga Nidra is a transformative and healing practice as a portal to liberation.

Yin & Nidra practiced together is a soft, yet profound practice of conscious relaxation.

Yoga Teachings


Dynamic practice, "Yang" activity. I give breath focused flows. The body is moving with grace, control and mindfulness.

Spicy practice when you have a lot of energy to give and burn.

Strengthen muscles, improve balance and flexibility. It is a progressive challenging flow.

Yoga Teachings


Yoga offers physical relief, but more importantly inside. Seated meditation is an essential component to the practice. Meditation is a powerful calming technique to balance life, it can be be life-changing. It gives serenity and clarity to the mind.

I teach Pranayama with meditation, in order to prepare you to stay quiet and still. Pranayama is a conscious breathing exercise which regulates the energy (also called prana or chi, the life force).

Meditation and Pranayama can be learned separately from the asanas.

Private sessions help people to have personalized approaches. My experience showed that Meditation is so powerful, that it helps people affected by an illness.

My teaching incorporates work on the energetics, mantras and mudras. Yoga is known to purify the energy channels and centers, your whole energy is strenghtened .

Classes are taught in French or in English language, depending on students' needs.

Yoga is a state of awareness. Yoga is the Union, where our heart is in harmony with every life and the Universe.

Let's flow together

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